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D.R. Horton, Inc. is a home construction company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Arlington, Texas. Since 2002, the company has been the largest homebuilder by volume in the United States.The company ranked no. 194 on the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by revenue.

An angry homeowner shared this in a review "I closed on my home today from DR Horton. I am highly, highly dissatisfied with the service and the process of the home buying experience I received. There are still several items that were not fixed at my final walkthrough. The items that were fixed were done very shoddy and very substandard. This a brand new house that look like a rental property due to the patchwork job in the frame that was conducted. There was a baseboard that was separated from the wall and instead of fixing it properly it was filled with caulk."


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Former Employee - Facilities Manager says

"in the houston north division, there is no opportunity to advance and the new management (year 2019) only cares about the profit margin. they have cut salaries & bonuses while doubling employee workloads at every position."

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"Work life balance, mental health, exhaustion, no trust, loyalty to their employees. They work their employees to exhaustion, require you to do more than your job and compensate very poorly. Stay clear of this place!"

Current Employee - Arch Plans Coordinator says

"terrible upper management, rife with nepotism, this is a good old boy club. This is a great company if your a salesperson. However, this is a terrible company for technical minded people. I'm constantly behind due to the extreme lack of knowledge about building practices from management. When managment is made up of sales and accountants who never worked a construction job, it shows. you will not advance unless you are part of the club."

Former Employee - Superintendent says

"No work/life balance is nonexistent for most months Upper Management pushes to close homes, and when a problem arises, they blame the superintendent and ask "why did you close this house". Pay rate is well BELOW average rate in the area Favoritism is played quite hard and is apparent on who management likes and who they not like They will make you drive a ridiculous amount and only cover a very small amount. Vendors are subpar. Don't show up when scheduled and work is eh."

Former Employee - Title says

"racism, no support from corporate, habitual liars"

Former Employee - Escrow Closer says

"Horrible management just the absolute worst at DHI Title and HR didn't care."

Sales says

"VPs and Management are washed out old-timers from other builders. You will be mistreated, belittled and talked about behind your back at the Henderson Division. BUT if you did work with any of the management at previous companies you will love it here because you wont have to do any actual work and will be given special treatment."

Former Employee - Superintendent says

"Unless you suck up to upper management there is no room for growth. If you are a yes man and willing to nod your head up and down you will go far. Don't bring up issues or solutions no one other than you cares, you will never change their backwards thinking. The less you know the higher you climb up the messed up corporate ladder."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"I cannot speak for the other divisions however CHICAGO if filled now with unethical management. They use bully tactics, fear tactics and micro managing tactics on you. There is also a TON of favoritism here. It's clear which communities are selling and which are not. And all the veterans are the ones in the better areas. Or you have kissed a lot of " you know what" .This place is a revolving door. It has been going down hill for a year or two now. Do your research and consider another market ( state, division ) before considering this one. The sales reps are backstabbing liars. As well as management so I would only recommend to my worst enemy. Oh it is also now 100% commission in a volatile market. So GOOD LUCK having food to eat and a roof over your head. You can go months without a sale. Your also competing against your own coworkers. They have the same floorplans in communities very close to each other with price differences of roughly $30k. So not only are you competing with competitor builders, but you are also competing with YOUR OWN COMPANY! Now they also have a ton of dead communities and yet, they are opening new ones still? At first you would think that doesnt make sense. But when you see it from their perspective, they want to find more honey pots to carry the division. All the while not carrying your pocket. Oh and management stays hush hush over your bonuses! There are tactics at play here that are beyond unprofessional. They will pretend they know what they are doing by blasting you with key words. But this division hires the cheapest managers and clearly they are getting what they pay for! If you WANT HORTON to your research and find a division with as little negative reviews as possible. GOOD LUCK!"

Former Employee - Processing says

"No appreciation, no team spirit, lots of stress, very long work hours"

Admin (Former Employee) says

"I recently accepted a job offer for a fully remote position, confirmed several times throughout the weeks leading up to an offer. I gave my notice at my current job only to be told a day later that the position was in office. Being that I live so far away, it wasn't worth a daily 2.5 hour commute. They advised they would make it right and keep their promise of remote work. After waiting 2 days, I have been told that the position offered wasnt eligible for remote. Now I am left with no job. And no compensation for their screw up."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is management strong. Meetings for managers take up most days while employees are left in the dark. You are expected to not have a life outside of work. The president of the Bothell location lacks personal skills and although he says come to my office for anything he will treat you like a child and belittle you. Turn over rate is high."

Mortgage Processor (Current Employee) says

"What a horrible place. Management threatens people. Zero growth unless you pay for your job. Otherwise your blackballed. Management breaks labor law and employment laws several of us have thick files of proof.Zero horrible placeWorst very corrupt place."

Help Desk Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible job. Do not work here. The pay, culture and management were awful. I’ve since worked for smaller companies and made more money. So glad I left."

Superintendent/Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. I had 30 home in various stage of construction plus the were all different models with different finishes. Most supers only had one build model. I had 4 build models"

Superintendent of Construction (Current Employee) says

"Cheat you out of your money want you to work 60 hrs a week. They don't take care of there people. They do not pay for gas and no reimbursement program. They are the biggest home builders in the countryLyers"

Site Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"it was a very disorganized way of working, not proactive even though there are systems in place, management was for the majority reactive and did not adhere to them, nor did they seem to care about the quality of the home being constructed, management only did something when they were pressed by an unruly homeowner and very quickly found a scapegoat. Management favors certain contractors over others especially the ones that meet the low bid criteria and production demands, frequently hiring contractors that are not knowledgeable of there trade.Great health Insurance benefits.too many to list."

Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"Everyone is pulling for themselves. Nobody is pulling for the company, nobody’s pulling for the customer. Total chaos. They make promises and don’t keep them.Management seemed clueless at times. The company direction and motivations were never clear.NoneUnreal expectations"

New Home Sales - Real Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"Full of empty promises. Everyone loves to play the blame game and management will curse you out and talk about the other sales agents. If you go here, you won't stay long."

Builder (Former Employee) says

"no advancement or pay raise, worked sun up to sun down company looks at numbers not buyers. I enjoyed making customers happy and see a smile on there faceBenefitsworking all the time"

Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"Loaded me down with an impossible number of homes which could not be adequately carried by 1 superintendant. Makes it almost impossible to make bonus. Found out I was looking and fired me 2 weeks before Christmas. If that is the corporate culture you want, then this is your employer."

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Worked for Dr Horton for the past year in New Smyrna Beach FL. Cut throat company, low skill labor, and bottom of the barrel material. Company only cares about quantity, quality is not their concern. My recommendation is don't buy one of these!NothingEverything"

Assistant Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"The reason HR rules exist is for companies like this. It is the model for toxic work environments. The new Construction Manager Assistant in Austin is on his way to becoming the head of construction and it is going to be even more toxic. If you aren't already part of this good ol boy club good luck becoming part of it. The sheep they keep around for a while will eventually notice that the cheese keeps moving and that they were only kept so they can create a nice work place for the good ol boys who go home early, have extra/ undocumented vacation, and protection. Although they are careful to make the company look good from the outside in, there does seem to be an ethnic and political preference in their employees."

Ranch/Lodge couple (Former Employee) says

"Take into acct people who uproot their whole lives accepting a job that was supposed to be permanent, on our own dime moving our whole home 5 hrs away and kiddo to a new school to work at your Camp Horton Ranch in West Texas busting our butts 14-16+hours 7days a week not giving us any corporate paperwork/benefits as promised when told we were hired after our probation period (2 weeks) and then your Camp Horton ends and we get notice and our last paycheck a week later (not even been there 3 months) that we are No longer needed nothing to do with our work it was great they said and corporate is telling the ranch manager to downsize and tell us we have a week to move out.... Yeah thanks a lot Mr. Horton & Corporation for destroying our lives now we are having to move back home thank God we didn't sell our house. Nice way to run your company and real slick to screw us out of recouping any moving expenses either way or probably unemployment too. Way to confirm to us all the stories on how your Company treats people is actually true.NoneLied from day 1, no corporate paperwork or benefits as promised after probation period, bad mgmt"

Appraisal Department (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work. No life balance. Expected to be on call 24/7. No support from management. Always had to look over my shoulder to wonder who was next to be fired for no reason. Was a manager and never could make decisions on my own. Always had to run it by my manager and would take weeks to get a response from my manager. Overall a hostile environment. Worst place ever to work at."

Site Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"At Dr Horton you were just a number. There was no feeling of belonging there. You didn’t know your co workers and they didn’t provide the proper tools to succeedPayLack of support"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked for D.R. Horton in the Seattle Wa area in 07-09 so things may have changed a little but I doubt it. As a sales rep (their word for realtor) you are expected to pounce on customers the second the walk in the door (which is their floor model house.) They even asked us agents to follow customers out to their car to try to get them to view a home. Creepy, creepy creepy management style.No prosFelt like a slimy salesman working there."

Server Admin (Former Employee) says

"No worklife or career advancement. Management makes many promises but in the end they don't keep them. They expect you to work 24/7 literally...while others work whenever they feel like it. There staff members that consistently work less then others and they are allowed more because of their friendship with managers. If you want a career this is not the place. They all will LIE to you, once you are in you are stuck.... Keep in mind in 2014 about 22 admins have come and gone because the environment.Good TechnologyManagement is untrustworthy"

Mortgage Loan Processor (Former Employee) says

"This was a horrible company to work for. No work life balance. They don't care about you at all. All they care about is the money they are making. They fire people or people quit and they don't hire any new people. They just expect you to take on more work and keep up all the same expectations. The managers say they are there to help you but when you really need help you are told to ask a lead because the manager has a meeting. However we were only able to go to certain leads at certain times of the day. Once you get on a mangers bad side you might as well just immediately start looking for a new job because they will look for any reason to write you up. DON'T work for this company! Keep looking for something better!Awesome coworkersNo work life balance, bad management"

Assistant Starts Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for. Did not learn anything. Some co-workers were ok.nothingnothing"

Stan Theman says

"We purchased a new construction DR Horton home 11 months ago. A Lombarde model. We were pretty happy until recently. The home came with faux wood tile flooring. Looked nice. Supposedly water proof and resilient to scratching, marring, etc. The floor began warping. Became very noticeable. The flooring warped so badly as to cause us to trip over some of the floor boarding. We called DR Horton to exercise our one year warranty guarantee. An inspector came. He took one look at the floor and immediately scheduled a replacement. We since have learned many DR Horton homes are experiencing the same flooring issue within our community. Perhaps entire city blocks of homes. Perhaps exceeding 100 homes. Possibly several hundred homes. We are uncertain of the true extent of new homes with this flooring issue. We have been told many causes. In the end, we do not know for certain. However, the replacement flooring was installed with an underlayment of plastic moisture shielding. This moisture shield was absent on the original flooring. I am writing this review because of the inconveniences caused by this blunder on the part of DR Horton. DR Horton told us the entire job will take one day. However, from a homeowner's stance, this work actually takes an entire week, as follows. The entire downstairs flooring, minus the master bedroom (which is carpeted), had to be removed. That meant the living-room, dining-room, kitchen, hallways, closet, pantry, utility-room, storage-room and master and guest baths. Our flooring was scheduled to be removed/replaced on Friday, July 31st, 2020. Therefore, on July 30th I had to go through the entire downstairs, moving all China, pictures, nik-naks. Anything obstructing moving of furniture and appliances. Everything which we gathered went into our bedroom, covering the entire bedroom floor and bed. On July 31st, around 8-9:00 a.m. the movers came. DR Horton paid for the movers. They moved all furniture and appliances including dishwasher, oven, washer, dryer and two toilets into our garage. Our home was upside down. The plumbers had not arrived to remove toilets and disconnect dishwasher, oven, etc. I called several DR Horton numbers. I was directed to voice mail after voice mail. The DR Horton receptionist began to ignore my calls. The movers had their employer call DR Horton. Finally, a plumber arrived. The flooring people ripped out the entire flooring including the toe-boarding at the bottom of the baseboards. Then, new flooring was installed. They did a nice job. But the inconvenience is apparent. For instance, I had to turn off the air conditioning as the doors were kept open for extended periods of time. This is the hottest time of the year. Outside temps exceeded 100°. When I finally turned on the AC, I had to babysit the front door to make certain it was closed, as the flooring people and their young son kept walking in and out. The flooring people finished installation of the new flooring about 6:30p.m. At that time the movers began returning our furniture and appliances. The movers also did a nice job. The plumbers again were no where to be found. I twice emailed the DR Horton co-ordinator. Phone calls are useless if they go to voicemail. Finally, the plumbers called. They arrived around 7:00p.m. About 8:00p.m. the plumbers left. It was getting dark outside. Our grandfather clock did not work. Took 2 days of tinkering. Luckily, I am so inclined. The job is not yet finished. Painters need to paint and caulk all the baseboarding. It was an exhausting day. My wife and I slept on a couch and recliner for two nights. Our bedroom was a disaster. On August 1st, I began returning all the China, nik-naks, pictures, computers, TV, audio, cable, etc. This took the better part of the day. On Monday, August 3rd, I awaited a call from the painters. It was agreed the painters would call me on Monday to schedule their service. No call. By afternoon I emailed the DR Horton co-ordinator again. Finally, the painters called. We are scheduled to have the baseboarding painted and caulked on Friday, August 7th. In the meantime we cannot finish putting our home back in order. We cannot place items back in our storage room, closet or floor of pantry because those areas must be accessible to the painters. Friday, we will have to disconnect our clothes dryer again and move our washer and dryer away from the walls to allow accessibility to the baseboards. We will have to pull all furniture away from all walls to allow access to the baseboarding. I do not expect to have our home back in order until late Friday evening. So, this is not a "one-day" job. Regardless of finger pointing, ultimately this is a major quality control issue on the part of DR Horton. This does not instill confidence. Will we buy another DR Horton home?"

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